Jouni Mulari (40) will take up the position of Director, Customer Relationship Management at Finland’s leading magazine publisher, Sanoma Magazines, and join the company’s Management Group, as of 3 February – with overall responsibility for consumer sales, including both sales channels and customer service.Prior to joining Sanoma Magazines, Jouni Mulari was Director, S Customer Service at leading retailer, the S Group, and previously served in similar positions at Vattenfall and Welho.Sanoma Magazines’ Consumer Sales Unit is responsible for telesales, direct marketing, and single copy and online sales of the company’s over 30 magazine brands, as well as customer service. The total circulation of Sanoma Magazines´ titles is over 2,3 million copies (FABC 2010).“Sales and customer service represent core areas of our business, alongside our editorial expertise, and are areas that we are committed to systematically developing as our offering, people’s media usage, and market conditions change and develop,” says Sanoma Magazines’ Managing Director, Clarisse Berggårdh. “Jouni Mulari has successfully created a number of customer relationship management systems for consumer businesses, and his task at Sanoma Magazines will be to further consolidate our position as the market leader, both in terms of quality and market share.”“Finnish consumers are very demanding and deserve the best,” says Jouni Mulari. “The high quality and range of Sanoma Magazines’ magazine portfolio and its digital services, together with its class-leading sales and customer service, are central to its success, and will continue to be in the future. The solid foundation that already exists provides a strong base for the solutions that will be needed as the company moves forward.”Further information:Managing Director Clarisse Berggårdh, Sanoma Magazines Finland, tel. +358 (0)9 120 5020Sanoma Magazines Finland is Finland’s leading magazine publisher, with a portfolio of more than 40 titles read by over 3 million Finns. We are the market leader in women’s and family magazines, children’s and juvenile publications, and consumer IT titles. In addition to magazines and books, a growing amount of content and services is also available online today. Our Custom Publishing Unit produces multichannel communications services for many of Finland’s leading companies. Sanoma Magazines Finland is part of the Sanoma Group, a major European media company active in over 20 countries.