Malmberg Publishers and the Stichting LDC Beheer (Foundation LDC Management) have reached an agreement on the acquisition of LDC Publicaties BV (LDC Publications) by Malmberg. LDC publishes amongst others Optie (Option), a teaching method on career orientation and consultancy, as well as training, tests and consultancy in this area. LDC's net sales in 2005 were some EUR 5 million and the company employs 35 people. All employees are included in the sale and will remain situated in Leeuwarden.

Malmberg's ambition is to expand its activities in education to non-method-related products. With the take-over of Aromedia Educatief (Aromedia Educational) in August and the acquisition of LDC, Malmberg further expands its educational activities to the market for career orientation and consultancy and gains a leading position in this segment. The sale enables LDC to fulfil her ambitions: strengthening its position in the educational market, expanding its market share in the business market, introducing new web-based tests and further growth in consultancy.

On Malmberg:
Malmberg Publishers ( is one of the largest educational publishers in the Netherlands and part of WSOY, the educational and book publishing division of the SanomaWSOY Group. Educational publishing is one of SanomaWSOY's international businesses in addition to magazines and press distribution. Malmberg is market leader in primary education and runner-up in secondary education. Malmberg employs around 350 people in two locations in Den Bosch and one in Amsterdam.

The world of LDC ( is that of over 2,300 professions, 12,563 job names, 1,763 regular training institutes and 9,637 courses. LDC Publicaties offers (digital) instruments, custom-made applications, workshops, consultancy and tests on career orientation and consultation, reintegration and outplacement, guiding users through the world of education and profession.

Under the name of Traject, LDC offers inspiring and challenging digital and web-based applications. Traject is unique: it links tests and questionnaires to information on education and profession. LDC offers the following applications: School Traject (secondary education), ROC Traject (professional and vocational education) and Loopbaan Traject (business market).