Taloussanomat will renew its layout and content. The aim is to create a business daily with increased weight on news and with a more personal approach favouring discussion. The first renewed issue will come out on 1 September.

- Taloussanomat wishes to strongly engage in the discussion about what is important to companies and their personnel. The paper discusses about the same as its readers, says Juhani Pekkala, President and Senior Editor-in-Chief of Taloussanomat.

The first place to see the focus on news is first page layout. Further, the first double page is dedicated to news. Discussion and opinions are presented on the last double page. That is the arena for both the paper's views and readers' opinions.

- We wanted to have all discussion in one and the same place that it is easy to find, says Pekkala.

People will be shown better than before. The paper will comprise a new 'Names' page, which is good to follow to know the people worth knowing in the financial community. Special attention has been paid to readability; different fonts are used and the layout is clear.

Taloussanomat will continue with its strong daily topics. The Tuesday paper brings entrepreneur, and the Wednesday paper sales and marketing issues. Thursday is a strong IT day with the weekly supplement ITviikko accompanying the paper. The Saturday supplement has established itself as a good financial information package for weekend. The number of visitors at Taloussanomat.fi has increased fast. Digitoday and ITviikko.fi are strong web media for IT matters. The Taloussanomat Oy also includes Startel, a financial news agency.

Taloussanomat Oy is part of the Sanoma Division of the SanomaWSOY Group.

Additional information: Juhani Pekkala, President, Senior Editor-in-Chief, tel. +358 9 122 4040