SanomaWSOY service websites for its strong proprietary content brands attract already well over 2 million visitors on a monthly basis (2,317,508 different visitors; Gallup RedSheriff March / 2003). Roughly 90 per cent of all Finnish people who use Internet at least once amount visit SanomaWSOY’s service websites every month.

In March 2003, the services that hit their own records each were: Helsingin Sanomat Online Supplement with 2,043,274 different visitors; Ilta-Sanomat, 941,482 different visitors; Oikotie 302,013 different visitors; Nelonen, 254,686 different visitors; and Mikrobitti, 494,345 different visitors.

SanomaWSOY’s Online Media Sales offers all of its more than two million net contacts/month and all the 22 significant online media brands of SanomaWSOY. Through SanomaWSOY’s online media, advertisers can easily reach both the public at large and carefully profiled target groups simultaneously.