The management group comprises the CEO of the Sanoma Media Finland and leaders of media and sales units.

Management Group of Sanoma Media Finland

Pia Kalsta
Tuomas Airisto
Chief Commercial Officer
Juha Kauppinen

CEO, Sanoma Media Finland

Born 1970, M.Sc. (Econ.)

Pia Kalsta served Nelonen Media 2001–2015. President 2014–2015, President, acting 2013–2014, Senior Vice President, Head of Consumer Business, Marketing & Business Development 2012–2013, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing 2008–2012, Vice President, Sales 2006–2008, Marketing Manager 2001–2006, among others. Several positions at SCA Hygiene Products e.g. as Key Account Manager, Product Manager and Marketing Manager 1996–2001.

Chief Commercial Officer, Sanoma Media Finland

Born 1969, M.Sc. (econ)

Tuomas Airisto has previously worked as CEO at marketing agency Avidly (2011–2018), as strategy director at change and training company Trainers’ House and in various management positions at digital agency Satama Interactive (1999–2007).

CFO&COO, Sanoma Media Finland

Born 1975, M.Sc. (Eng.)

Juha Kauppinen has previously worked at Intrum as Regional Finance Director for Western and Southern Europe (2015−2018) and as Finance Director for Finland (2013−2015). Previously he has held several senior roles in Finance and Business Development at Coor Service Management (2007−2013). At BearingPoint he worked in management consulting (1999−2007).

Kari Laakso
President, Nelonen Media
Kaisa Aalto-Luoto
Turo Mäki
Chief Information Officer (CIO)

President, Nelonen Media

Born 1973, B.A.

Kari Laakso has served Nelonen Media since 2007 as Programme Director, Radio 2007¬–2009 and as Senior Vice President, Radio 2009–2015. His earlier career includes, among others, NRJ Finland, where he worked as Journalist, Programme Manager and Programme Director 1999–2005. He has also worked at SBS / The Voice TV as Country Manager 2006–2007.

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), Sanoma Media Finland

Kaisa Aalto-Luoto has previously worked at Metso Outotec as VP Human Resources, Services Business Area (2020–2021), at Outotec as SVP, Human Resources & Communications and several roles as Head of Human Resources in different business units (2013-2020) and at Mandatum Life as VP, Human Resources & Customer Experience ja VP, Human Resources (2009-2013).

Chief Information Officer (CIO), Sanoma Media Finland

Born 1977, M.Sc.(Econ.)

Turo Mäki has previously worked at OP (2000−2018) in several technology development and management positions. In his latest position he was responsible for the development of digital service channels and customer relationship management tools.

Petteri Putkiranta
President, Newsmedia and feature
Niina Ryynänen
SVP, Consumer Sales and Customership

Born 1964, M.Sc (Tech.), EE

Petteri Putkiranta worked previously for Helsingin Sanomat since 2008 as Vice President of Digital services, Vice President, Development, Vice President, Consumer customers and President. His earlier career includes various positions at Nokia 1989–1995. For example as Sales Manager in Malaysia 1992–1995 and as Business program director in USA 2002–2005.

SVP, Consumer Sales and Customership, Sanoma Media Finland

Born 1967, M.Sc. (Econ.)

Niina Ryynänen has previously served in consumer sales and marketing in retail. Her previous positions include, among others, Customer relationships and Marketing communication manager at Kesko 1997–2005, Vice Managing Director at K-institute 2005–2006, Manager of Marketing Services at SOK 2006–2007, Managing Director at K-Plus Ltd and Director for Customer relationships and Marketing at Kesko Food Ltd 2012−2014.